The Bracket difference

Bracket Partners offers a unique combination of services. We offer many of the services that CPA firms provide related to tax incentives. However, we are able to integrate those traditional tax services with development advisory and assist with equity, debt, and other financing mechanisms. Being a boutique advisory firm, we can structure our services and engagements in creative arrangements to maximize value to the project and ultimately the client.


When should you consult with Bracket?

  • Acquiring real estate or other fixed assets

  • Redeveloping property

  • Constructing a new building

  • Adding on to an existing facility

  • Making energy efficient improvements

  • Producing renewable energy

  • Bringing new tenants into a property

  • Buying or merging businesses

  • Moving a business

  • Adding jobs

  • Selling property

  • Changes in ownership or estate


The primary benefits to you

  • Enhance the capital stack of a project

  • Preserve capital

  • Increase net worth

  • Improve cash flow

  • Create or utilize tax net operating losses

  • Reduce current and future tax liability

  • Defer taxes

  • Reduce taxes via tax credits

  • Invest equity in tax credits

  • Increase the rate of return on pretax and after tax basis